State Polytechnic of Malang (Polinema) becomes pioneer for state colleges in Malang as the awardee of ISO 9001:2000. Especially in the polytechnic environment, Polinema is the third ISO recipient after Bandung and Manado. The ISO status in the future is expected to be the initial capital for Polinema to accelerate the process of institutional accreditation.

“We have received the recommendation to accept ISO. And this ISO does not only apply to parts only. However, all existing work units will have ISO standard, " said the Director of Polinema, Budi Tjahjono to Malang Post.

He emphasized, this ISO recognition showed that all existing units had been recognized internationally. Therefore there are demands to continue to provide the best service annually. With the main point of assessment is the quality of Polinema graduates. This is also related to Polinema's target to realize vocational colleges that can produce graduates with a maximum waiting time of six months after graduation. They are also included many competency certificates that can be given as provisions for students. The more certificates owned, the faster the comprehension of graduates into working life. 

The readiness of the documents that have been arranged, he said, shows that Polinema is also ready to step forward as a College of Public Service Bodies (PT BLU) or PT Legal Education Institutions (BHP). In the future, after the management of quality management has been established, it is hoped that the existing laboratories can be internationally certified.

By commitment in continuing improvement of quality, the quality is guaranteed. Everybody works with good standards. The challenge for Polinema now is to continue improving quality standards, " he stressed.

Meanwhile, Head of Polinema Quality Assurance Office (KJM), Ir Prayitno said this ISO could be achieved because all members of the community were actively involved. And the conducive workflow created international certifiers to give this great achievement to Polinema. For this ISO certification, Polinema also took a consultant from Surabaya, AIMS. Also the Indonesian Polytechnic Association (ASPI), and Nuffic Netherlands. (oci / lim) (Laylatul Rosida / malangpost)

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