ISO 9001 QMS is a standard of quality assurance system recognized internationally/globally. ISO 9001 is the global benchmark for quality management system pubished more than 1 million all over the world.

ISO can be implemented in all kind organizations without looking at the size and location of the organization. One of strengths of ISO 9001 is its widely ... for all kind orgnanization. Due to more focus on the process and customer satisfaction than procedure itself, so ISO 9001 can also be implemented in service company (not only manufacture)

The global sector also continues to focus their effort on quality, with the specific QMS derivatives sector, ISO 9001 is also proper for the automotive, aerospace, defense and medical sectors.

ISO 9001 QMS provides the infrastructure, procedure, process, and resources needed to help your organization in monitoring and improving performance to develop efficiency, customer service and product excellence.

An ISO 9001 QMS certification helps you deliver:

  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Organizationa (company)l reputation
  • Customer satisfaction, and
  • Competitive benefits

    Several independent tests have been done on the benefits of applying ISO 9001; one of which is contained in an article published by a prestigious academic journal from Harvard Business School


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