Quality Policy

Malang State Polytechnic (POLINEMA) is determined to provide satisfaction to stakeholders by always maintaining a high commitment to quality through policies in the fields of:

A. Education

        1. The implementation of education includes planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating system, and continuously improving.
        2. Increasing the quality of study programs simultaneously and comprehensively as indicated by the improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), national accreditation ranking and international reputation.
        3. Improving the quality of the academic community by building professional character.

        B. Research, Community Service, and Cooperation

        1. The development of research, and community service that is innovative, creative, and quality, based on the implementation of technology.

        2. Increasing networking and collaboration with stakeholders in the fields of education, research, and community service involving the civitas academica.

          C. Student Affairs

            1. Increasing academic and non-academic abilities, as well as student welfare services.
            2. Increasing access and media for self-development, talents, and personality through student activities and career development.
            3. Increasing the alumni network and optimizing the performance of the Job Arrangement System which is indicated by the reduced waiting period for graduates to get a job.

            D. Management, Imaging and Services

              1. Every work program and activity plan must refer to the quality objectives, strategic plan, and quality / performance achievements of POLINEMA.
              2. Improving the quality of governance through clarity of SOPs and their implementation, as well as control of documents and records.
                1. Creating a brand image of POLINEMA so that it will gain stakeholder trust.
                  1. Improving the quality of services through improving the quality of human resources and infrastructure.
                    1. Development of quality, informative, accountable and integrated information systems.


                      Quality Assurance Office
                      Soekarno-Hatta No.9 Street Malang
                      Phone 0341-404424/404425 ext.2035

                      Email: kjm@polinema.ac.id