Main Duties and Functions

Main Job KJM

  1. Review and develop services / products related to SPM.
  2. Conduct periodic internal quality evaluations in all units in POLINEMA.
  3. Reviewing and evaluating several processes.

A. Head of KJM

  1. Planning KJM annual activities.
  2. Coordinating all KJM activities.
  3. Prepare a questionnaire instrument together with the team.
  4. Verificating reports from each unit in KJM.
  5. Being responsible for POLINEMA Quality Assurance System activities.
  6. Reporting the results of KJM activities to the Director.

B. Secretary of KJM

  1. Planning KJM annual activities together with the Head of the KJM.
  2. Planning for the development of KJM internal HR quality and external HR related to SPM.
  3. Coordinating the implementation of KJM activities together with the Head of KJM.
  4. Coordinating and compiling institutional reports (Director's Annual Report, Audit Report)
  5. Scheduling all KJM activities.
  6. Compiling reports on KJM activities.

C. Document Control Unit

  1. Developing SIM related to SPMI.
  2. Innovating and monitoring services / products of all units in POLINEMA.
  3. Making an annual report related to the development of SPMI services.
  4. Documenting the results of activities.

D. Internal Audit Unit

  1. Planing and doing internal quality evaluations.
  2. Coordinating external audit activities and certification processes.
  3. Forming an internal quality auditor team.
  4. Preparing audit report.
  5. Documenting the results of activities.

E. Customer StatifactionMeasurement Unit

  1. Planning and doing process evaluations.
  2. Coordinating the process evaluation activities.
  3. Forming a process evaluation team.
  4. Preparing reports on the results of evaluation and analysis of the process.
  5. Documenting the results of activities.

F. Administrative Staff of KJM

  1. Assisting all activities carried out by KJM.
  2. Assisting the Secretary in preparing activity reports.
  3. Documenting every activity and KJM activity report.
  4. Summarizing KJM activities.


Quality Assurance Office
Soekarno-Hatta No.9 Street Malang
Phone 0341-404424/404425 ext.2035